on Tuesday, 06 February 2018. Posted in News

The Ghana Union of Traders' Associations wishes to express it sincere gratitude to the government for the timely intervention with various stimulus packages to alleviate the devastating effect of the widely spread deadly covid19 which has necessitated lockdown in some parts of the country in an effort to contain the pandemic.

The intervention is not only timely but also appropriate in the sense that the issue is not only of health but also of serious adverse effect on every sphere of life; leaving the entire global community in an atmosphere of uncertainty to which everyone can attest to.

This intervention will go a long way to mitigate the plight of the business community in the country. With regard to the 600million Ghana cedis earmarked for the support of SMEs, we would appeal to the government to include leadership of the trade Associations on the committee(s) that will oversee the disbursement of the fund to the rightful beneficiaries and it should be done in fair, transparent and equitable manner, devoid of partisan politics.

In similar vein, we will appeal to the pubilc not to do politics with this critical National issue but to cooperate with the leadership of the country to see Ghana out of the doldrums. We would also entreat whoever happens to benefit from the package to endeavour to use the money for the purpose it is intended so as to be able to pay back as may be arranged and agreed by the authorities.

This will then encourage the Trade Associations to appeal to government for sustenance of the package as a revolving fund for the benefit and enjoyment of current and future generations.