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GUTA urges government to regulate foreign retail trade

on Thursday, 20 September 2018. Posted in Sports, News


The Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA), has issued a stern warning to government to decisively address foreign retail trading activities which has engulfed the country over years.

Addressing a press conference, the President of GUTA, Dr. Joseph Obeng, said the government must act in an efficient and vigilant manner to arrest and prosecute foreign retail traders as stated in the law.

“Members of GUTA committee are calling on the government to seriously sit up and act decisively in tackling the issue for peace to prevail,” he stated.

The association accused both the current and previous governments of failing to address the retail trade issue in the country among Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians .

According to GUTA, foreigners are abusing the trade laws of the country whiles government agencies look on unconcerned with no measures of enforcing the law to cause the arrest of illegal retail foreigners.

“We don’t understand why our leaders, both current and past, sit and look unconcerned when foreigners flaunt the laws of the country,” he stated.

Dr. Obeng acknowledged the fact that, importation of sub standard products in the market are caused by foreign retail traders coupled with capital flight as a result of money laundering and other illegal activities.

The President again cited Article 478 of the GIPC law, which requires foreigners not to engage in retail trading in the country until they satisfy certain requirements, however, “they continue to flaunt the law of this country without any blemish.”

He asked government agencies to take strict measures to enforce the GIPC laws and actively play supervising roles in curbing the menace in the country.

Dr. Obeng emphasized that, the call on government to enforce the law is not to antagonize foreign traders, rather to sanitize the system to ensure that all comply with the law.

They appealed to foreign embassies to advice their nationals to desist from illegal trading activities and abide by the rules and regulations of the country.

He urged government to put in place appropriate measures to ensure that foreigners are not registered in the National Identification card system.

Source: Eric Nii Aflah Sackeyguta21