A bird view of the Makola building that was gutted by fire.

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A bird view of the Makola building that was gutted by fire.
Guta met with the Mayor of Accra this morning that had in attendance the committee set up by the Mayor to assess the cause of the fire and make recommendations for the way forward.
The Mayor said the report was ready and as part of the recommendations,
1, The Electricity Corporation will be checking those illegal Electrical connections in the market and check all such naked wiring in all the markets.

  1. The Water Company Ltd will ensure that all power hydrates are well fitted and the pressure of the hydrates checked.
  2. The 48th Regiment of the Military in conjunction with the AMA, NADMO, POLICE ELECTRICITY CORPORATION and the Two landlords will ensure that the building is pull down this Sunday due to the serious structural damage to the building.
  3. The Ministry of Trade will in the coming days announce a relief package in the form of a Grant to all those affected.
    These are the major recommendations.
    Members will be informed with any further updates.
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