1. To ensure complete organization of all traders in Ghana into the ranks of united Traders Movement.
  2. To serve as a mouthpiece of traders in the country.
  3. To engage in and foster educational projects in the form of Workshops, seminars etc. with the objective of deepening and broadening Traders knowledge and understanding of National and International challenges confronting them so as to enable them make their struggle for economic and social freedom more effective.
  4. To secure the ratification and application of Trade policies, the enactment of legislation for the defense and promotion of the rights and interest of the traders and to oppose through constitutional means, legislation and policies contrary to the interest of traders.
  5. To resolve any impasse among member associations.
  6. To serve as machinery between traders associations and the government as well as the various stakeholders in the private sector e.g. Associations of Ghana Industries (AGI), Ghana National Chamber of Commerce, Private Enterprise Foundation (PEF), Federation of Association of Ghana Exporters (FAGE) etc.
  7. To seek the general welfare of traders in Ghana.
  8. To promote and provide opportunities through meetings, sharing knowledge and experiences.
  9. To solicit credit facilities in the form of loan, Overdraft, Grant etc. from financial and Non-financial institutions. e.g. Local and International Bank (s), International Monetary fund (IMF), World Bank, Donor Communities, International Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) etc. to assist member associations to augment the working capital of their members.

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